Why We Care

Tell us why you care

This National Carers Week we are asking you to tell your caring story or why you think unpaid carers should be supported.

Anyone at anytime can become an unpaid carer and it is our job to ensure that we have a carer-friendly Australia where everyone, including carers, has a fair go.

Carers contribute so much to our nation, with the value of the caring role estimated at $60.3 billion per year, and yet they often experience social isolation and find it harder to maintain employment, enter the workforce, or participate in education.

A carer-friendly Australia is one where unpaid carers are recognised and supported during and after their caring role, across all spectrums of society.

Imagine the impact we would make if we had one personal, authentic account of unpaid caring for every one of Australia’s 2.7 million unpaid carers? 

You can make a difference by telling us why you care today! 

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