Webinar - From childcare to elder care: Findings from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health

Find out how women juggle family, employment and their own health care needs as they transition from caring for children, parents, partners and grandchildren.

From Child care to Elder Care: Findings from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health, is a major report prepared for the Australian Government Department of Health. You’re invited to join Associate Professor Leigh Tooth to discuss the report’s main findings. Leigh will break down the findings for policymakers, advocacy groups, carers, researchers, and the general public alike.
• The childcare debate – who chooses formal over informal care and what do women think of their options
• Is caring for the grandchildren a joy or a burden?
• Caring for the long-term ill, disabled or frail: Who becomes a carer? How much time do they give? Who are they caring for and why? What are the needs of live-in carers vs. those who care for someone outside the home?
• The health impacts and experiences of carers caught in the sandwich generation

The report investigates patterns of caregiving across women’s life course, the socio-demographic factors associated with caregiving patterns, and the impact of caregiving on social, employment and health outcomes of caregivers, including their health service use.

It draws on longitudinal survey data and linked MBS and PBS datasets from three generations of women aged 18 to 97. The personal stories and reflections of the study participants add rich illustration and insight into the lived experiences of caregivers.

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