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  • Jenny

    Child with a disability
  • Wayne Charles

    l care for my partner and l am strong believer in the old saying what goes around comes around. l do what l can to care and look after Pete the way l would expect some one to care and look after me.
  • Margaret

    I'm part time carer / full time guardian for my 32 yr old daughter who has down syndrome, I'm a single mum for 15 yrs now. Tho she is in supported accommodation due to my ill health n lack of gaining support to keep us together . This has become positive way for us to live. We have regular contact via phone, n weekend visits .. Why do I care - god given duty he gave me a gift and she is my daughter she has various health issues, but being Diabetic type 1 means I have overseen her condition for 21 yrs now. She tells everyone to ring mum if they wanna know anything cause " Mum Knows best"
  • bev Giebel

    Caring is like breathing a deep pure breath. It expresses our humanity, it makes us all strong together, and links us with the rest of society. Without supporting or caring for each other, life holds little joy, just isolation. We are all connected, and those lucky enough to be able to express this through caring are blessed. After all, the carer can easily become the "Care-ee".
  • Irene Taylor

    My husband Trevor, had a massive stroke 21 years ago, he spent 3 months in Toowoomba base Hospital, and they had to teach him how to sit up, and stand and then walk, with the aide of a walking stick. He has no use of his left arm and hand and can only walk on his left leg, by moving the leg from the hip. He can't walk far and has to use the wheelchair. We were in the middle of a big drought on our farm when Trevor had the stroke, so things were very hard for some time. Our family were a wonderful support for Trevor and I, without which we wouldn't be still on our farm.
  • Amy Lords

    I started caring for my partner when he first moved in with me in 2008. I was only 23 at the time and unsure of what I could do to assist him through his mental illness and addictions. Through caring for him I have gained an understanding of how addiction and mental illness is so entwined and needs to be treated together with constant support, love, guidance, and the correct treatment. 10 Years later and I am still caring for my now husband. I care because I love him, he is worth every hard day and night, and he brings me joy and happiness just being here with me and seeing him smile.


National Carers Week is about recognising and celebrating the outstanding contribution unpaid carers make to our nation.

Anyone at anytime can become a carer. Australia’s 2.7 million carers make an enormous contribution to our communities, with their caring roles being valued at $60.3 billion annually – more than $1 billion per week.

Each year, National Carers Week provides an opportunity to educate and raise awareness among all Australians about the diversity of carers and their caring roles. So join us in spreading the word and letting the community know why we care.

Free dental care for unpaid carers!

This National Carers Week, we’re partnering with the Maven Dental Group to offer unpaid carers free dental care!

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