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  • Hayley Boyfield

    Selfless support that Carers provide, some of the most beautiful people I have met!
  • Borko Lucic

    My wife has some form of cerebral palsy and she is not in a wheelchair but still need a care. Having a healthy child is giving her an absolute pleasure and happiness but in the same time a lot of trouble, she can't always run or look after her (daughter) and needs an helping hand. I used to be a security officer with a 9 years of service, once my wife got granted a disability support pension four years ago, I have decided to step down from service and become a full time carer. I didn't take that role because of being tired of serving my community nor for the money we receive but instead love.

    I am the sister of an Amazing CARER! My sister Maria is the mother and full time carer of her beautiful daughter (and my niece) Andriana, who was born with Down Syndrome. Andriana is a gift to our family and my sister's love and total dedication to my niece's needs defines her as a SUPER HERO! My sister attends to all my niece's needs, be they medical, educational or social and she commits passionately to every undertaking, with humour, patience and love. Such carers often go unnoticed yet they deserve every recognition and accolade in the advocacy of their children's quality of life!
  • chris

    When its your child your caring for, love knows no boundaries. Challenges are faced together, heartbreaks are felt together and triumphs are celebrated together. Caring isnt about the blood we share, or a responsibility, we do it because we love them, we want whats best for them, and for them to see the value in themselves that we see in them. Everyone deserves self-worth.
  • Kerry McPaul

    I cared for two elderly Men who both suffered from chronic illness (Father and Uncle) for any years as an unpaid carer because I loved them both dearly. My family appeared a only on the odd occasion up until a few months before my fathers death as they did not live locally. I was living on my fathers property and caring for him. He passed away in February and disinherited me. I lost my Dad, my home and my family! I am seriously damaged by this happening to me, my children have been effected, my life will never be the same. I would not wish this devastating experience on anyone.
  • Pep Graham

    I am a fulltime carer to my grandmother who is battling the harsh reality of Alzheimer’s. I have lived with her for just over 3 years now and started when I was 20 years old. My nana jean has been our families heroine, rock and strength over the last generation and I hope to give her just as much time, energy and love as she Herself has put into the world.

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National Carers Week is about recognising and celebrating the outstanding contribution unpaid carers make to our nation.

Anyone at any time can become a carer. Australia’s 2.7 million carers make an enormous contribution to our communities, with their caring roles being valued at $60.3 billion annually – more than $1 billion per week.

Each year, National Carers Week provides an opportunity to educate and raise awareness among all Australians about the diversity of carers and their caring roles. So join us in spreading the word and letting the community know why we care.

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This National Carers Week, we’re partnering with the Maven Dental Group to offer unpaid carers free dental care!

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